Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good people

I love associating with good people. Their goodness rubs off on me and inspires me to be more selfless, giving, and loving--all great qualities that I could implement more in my life. Last night I had a humbling experience and realization--accepting service. Now I just accepted lots of service a few months ago as many wonderful people brought over meals when I came home from the hospital. That was even a little difficult to accept because I feel and logically think in my head that TECHNICALLY Jeff or I can feed my kids after coming home from the hospital. I could feed my kids nuggets or heck even cereal for dinner. It's not the healthiest and I wouldn't want to do that but I could if I had too. That kinda leads to my story last night.....
  I asked a babysitter to come over after mutual while my kids were sleeping so she could hold Macie while I cleaned the house. Jeff is gone in New York until Friday night, Macie just had shots and has been wanting to be held constantly, family is coming tonight, and my house needed some picking up. She came over to hold Macie but what I wasn't expecting is for her mom to come and help me. She had to insist and just start cleaning because I didn't want her too. It made me feel bad because TECHNICALLY I could do the dishes and sweep. It wasn't like I was incapable of accomplishing these tasks. She helped and after an hour the laundry that had been sitting at the top of my stairs for 2 days were put away. The bathroom and bedroom for guests were picked up, dishes done, floor swept, things picked up from the floor, and trash thrown away was done. I was so grateful. It would have taken me a lot longer and I learned a valuable lesson. It's okay to accept service even though I was capable of doing those things. I don't have to feel guilty or awful. I could of done those things but I did need assistance. By the end of day 2 with 4 kids on my own and entertaining them ALL day, I did need the help mentally and emotionally rather than physically. Even though I woke up to a kid puking, I felt rejuvenated that my home was clean before guests and that I didn't have to stress and nag my kids or have them sit in front of the TV all day in order to clean the house. I hope to remember in 10 years when my kids are older to help moms with young kids like the woman who helped me last night. This morning I remembered my friend's MIL was having surgery and offered to send her kids here for a few hours to swim. Service is just one revolving door that keeps circulating and never stops:)

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Kirsten said...

What a nice lady! I would have seriously objected too, I have a hard time letting people clean my house. That makes me what to offer service to someone, to brighten their day.