Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We drove to California Friday night for Jeff's grandma's funeral. Saturday we went to Grandma Nita's memorial service. Jun gave the eulogy and a couple other family members spoke. It was a nice service. Towards the end the great grandkids down below sang I am a Child of God and Together Forever. After we had a luncheon at the church and then that evening the family got together again.
 Macie and her cousin Jason meeting and schmoozing for the first time. Can't wait for them to really play together when they're a little older.
 The whole group with Jeff's Dad
 and the whole group with Jeff's mom
 Karen's siblings and kids, Paul, and the family.
 Grandma Nita's kids:Karen, Perry, Kristine, and Karol. Her husband, Paul and her sister Joanne.
macie and paul

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