Thursday, December 12, 2013

Miss J turns 6

Yesterday Jordyn turned 6. She is tall, vibrant, beautiful, stubborn, sweet as heck, and more. She wanted an all girl party in our backyard. Our home teacher has a bounce house and cotton candy machine that he graciously let us borrow. She woke up to her bed and ceiling decorated with balloons, streamers and kind words about her. She also wanted donuts for breakfast and a kit kat cake. I brought her chick-fil-a for lunch and we ate together. She was sad that I had to leave. Once she got home from school her party pretty much started. The kids played in the bounce house, we ate pizza, Jeff did the cotton candy machine, cake, and then presents. Jordyn cried once at her party. She gave a friend a toy to keep and then wanted it back. She loved the attention. In the morning when she got dressed she said, "I'm famous. Red is a famous color." She of course was wearing a red shirt.
 at school enjoying our lunch outside
 another kit kat cake
 enjoying some awesome cotton candy.
 Jeff made Jordyn a cotton candy lei

Happy birthday to this wonderful person
 Opening presents

We love Jordyn. She brings so much laughter and fun times in our home. 

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