Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Jammies

On Dec. 1st we start the holiday with a tradition. We open our Christmas jammies, eat a yummy treat, read the Elf on the Shelf story because he, Jack Sherman, comes the next morning. He doesn't do anything fancy. Just shows up in a new spot every morning and the kids find him every morning. He might start giving the kids acts of service to do everyday like complimenting someone or holding a door open for someone, etc.
 The kids in their new jambes they can wear for the Christmas season. We also like watching Christmas movies for family night in December.

 Our yummy snowmen donuts. Levi is adorable in this picture if I must say.
 This year we went to the light parade and tree lighting ceremony in downtown Chandler. Well, the "tree" is actually a tumbleweed tree they decorate. The kids loved the parade. It was actually cold outside.

 the kids secretly wishing they were walking in the parade

 Macie was a good sport as usual. It was her bed time but she stayed up and participated.
 Santa on the back of the fire truck.
 They had this huge snow globe and took pictures of individuals inside. Yes, I made our family wait in line to get a family photo. I was a little bummed that there wasn't fake snow swirling around inside.

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