Tuesday, December 3, 2013


For Thanksgiving we drove to Cedar City. We drove through Vegas because when we've driven through Flagstaff, we've had some car sick issues. Thankfully on all 3 legs of long distance driving, the ride went smoothly. I credit it to the fact that I had an itinerary of crafts and fun things to do. The kids favorite things to do are the crafts. We made "thankful" hearts that we passed out to family members on Thanksgiving and made place cards for the table. We also made candy cane ornaments and wreath ornaments, sang lots of songs and "name that tune." We saved movies for night time and I brought some glow sticks for night time fun. We only had 1 mishap on the 21 hours of total driving and that was a bloody nose from Levi.
We made it to my parents house. Monday was kinda kick back. The kids loved playing and seeing snow again and they built a snowman with their older cousins Maddie and Trini. Tuesday everyone went skiing at Brianhead. I stayed home with Macie because she was sick. Jeff took Levi skiing. He did really well considering he is 3years old. I guess it was just scary because he couldn't get the "wedge" thing down and would go speedy fast "parallel" down the hill. If Jordyn stopped whining she'd be able to do it. I know she can do it, but until she deicides on her own that she WANTS to ski then she'll just be a floppy, oozing little girl. Next year we decided to put her in ski school. At this point, I'd rather have someone else teach her while we have fun with our other kids that are having good attitudes. Plus, she doesn't complain when other people teach her. . Sydney picked up skiing again. It had been 2 years since she last skied and kept up with her older cousin that skis every weekend.  They loved skiing together. Wednesday I went skiing with my parents and Sydney and Rowan. Jeff stayed home with sick kids. Thursday we had a nice Thanksgiving with 21 people. My brother Lance came and Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bob. The girls passed out the Thankful hearts that helped me sew and stuffed. That night we played Pictionary. Friday morning we were getting ready to leave. I was so sick of Macie being sick and not getting better and feeling so sad that she had been sick for so long that I took her to urgent care and Jordyn too since she had been coughing and keeping us awake all week. Macie had an ear, eye, and sinus infection. Jordyn got antibiotics too. We drove to California.  Fun pictures with my siblings and family.

 3 photo bombers
 9 of the grandchildren. Macie and Finn were probably sleeping.
 kid dinner table
 The cute, fun-loving, brave (to let all of us invade their home), generous parents and grandparents.
 Since she was sick, Jeff or I were holding her most of the time. She was very needy this week. Poor thing.
 This is a REAL sleep picture. You know Jeff is tired when he sleeps with this glasses on.
 SNOW. We missed playing in the snow.

 Madie and Trinity being "swag"
 We can't go to Gammie's house without having a nice, warm bath in her bathtub
 Macie and Jordyn on the rocking tiger. My two little sickies.

 Levi wrestling Uncle Kevin. Down below he's decked out in his ski gear. I wish I actually had pictures   and/or video of him skiing but hopefully next year.

 Sydney, Rowan, and Jordyn. Rowan is 3 years older than Jordyn. But Jordyn is so tall she's about the same height as Syd and Rowan.
 Mom, Brooke, and I
 Matt in med school and has some board exams next Spring. This was him a majority of the week.
 We were actually cooking in the kitchen downstairs when we all took some cute and silly pictures.

 Me and Jeff
 Macie and Finn. You can see how red macie's eyes are and runny her nose was. Finn on the other hand is all bright eyes and happy.
 Uncle Lance and Macie

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