Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's great to be 8

I can't believe our little girl turned 8 on Dec. 5th. She's turning into a beautiful, bright, and loving girl. Time is going way to fast and she's getting way to big for my liking. With her getting big has brought some fun times. Now that she's older she's fun to talk to and really get to know. She has great ideas and is a joy. I'm so thankful she's my daughter and part of our family. As she gets older, my hope for her to see how beautiful she really is grows larger. I want her to think high of herself without being boastful. I have no doubt she will make good choices in life. She always seeks to do good. I'm trying to teach her no give and serve others so we're working on that. Anyway for her birthday, this is the year she has a party (every other year we do parties) she wanted a skate party at skate land. It was our first party at a place. It was so nice not to have to plan and stress about party stuff. I just showed up with the cake and got to skate with her and her friends. It was a lot of fun and she definitely felt the love. The kids got soda, pizza, and coins to play games with, and of course skate. Sydney got to stand in the ticket booth and grab at a bunch of tickets. She also got to be the DJ for a little bit. It was a hit and the icing on the cake was the groupon deal we used for skate land. I surprised her and made a kit kat cake with rainbow cake inside. She thought it was awesome. Our present to her was the party, she got a total of $75 from grandpa levin, uncle ryan, and my friend Amie. Gammie and grandpa got her a pogo stick, grandma karen got her some paper, pens, and candy, grandma marianne and gordon got her "printies," and she got lots of neat things from her friends.
 In the morning she woke up to balloons, streamers, and awesome things about her in her room. Holding up 8 fingers.
 Getting sung to in the morning by her cousins. She wanted a sprinkle donut for her breakfast.
 The cake. I'm horrible at frosting the cake that this is perfect to hide all the blemishes.
Me and the birthday girl

 Inside the cake.

 What up, yo. I'm skating. It's great to be 8.
 Yes, Jeff and I totally skated with Macie in her stroller. They said it was okay so we took her. She loved it and almost fell asleep.
 Birthday countdown board I made a few years back.
 Pogo stick from gammie and grandpa

 Sydney with her friend Sadie that bought her a BFF necklace they are holding together.
The whole gang: Kaylin, Sadie, Jordyn, Macy, London, Soren, Madeline, and Kylie

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