Thursday, December 12, 2013

Macie 8 months

Macie turned 8 months over Thanksgiving break so I didn't take pictures until we returned home from Utah and California. This month she has mastered standing up by holding on to anything she can and lifting herself up. She just started furniture walking too. She's interested in stairs and has crawled up a few. This month she got sick for her first time. The night before we left for Utah she had croup (mild) and the Dr. gave her a treatment. We thought that she would be fine, but then she had cold symptoms, then fever, and finally I took her to urgent care the morning we left to California and the Dr. said she had an ear infection, eye infection, and sinus infection so she was put on antibiotics. Slowly she got to feeling better. I could tell because she was sleeping better at night and not so sad looking. Poor girl. She's such a happy baby usually. People I know tell me how calm and good she is.

We seriously spend too much time loving on this girl, if that's possible.

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