Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas fun already

We had the sister missionaries over: Sis, Kaumans and Sis. Brock to help us decorate our tree.
 It was Jordyn's year to put the angel on top.
 After Alaska, we're all about REAL trees. We buy ours at Costco along with everything else in our house.
 A nativity set I made at church a few years ago.
 Macie was helping untangle the lights…or was she helping to tangle them? I don't know but she sure is cute.
Jordyn in the holiday spirit
 Levi and Sydney getting in on the tree-decorating action. Sydney bought this blue sequined christmas hat with birthday money.

 Needing a ladder to decorate the top

 I love the glow of the christmas tree. Now it's a mission to let others feel of our glow from the gospel. It's rather difficult with birthdays and school stuff. I'm finding that there aren't a lot of service things for kids. For example they have to be 12 to help with feeding the homeless. I know service isn't about seeing people's reaction, but with young kids I really feel that "seeing is believing" in terms of homeless  people, poor, sick, and other disadvantaged people. Leave a comment for advice.

 Levi was so cute getting all into it and excited.
After we went to our ward Christmas party and the next day Jeff baptized Caleb Tan. It was a great weekend.
 This is the 2nd person Jeff has baptized since his mission. Caleb is 23. 3 months ago Caleb was homeless and a drug addict in Portland, OR. He came to live with his aunt in our ward to get his life back together. Jeff just kinda befriended him and invited him on his campouts and the next thing we knew he was committed to baptism. He's a good guy.
Jeff got 1/3 of the deacons to attend his baptism and sing "We have been born…"

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