Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jeff's birthday

I've been dying for a little vacation. We pretty much wrote off this summer to any vacations months ago when we weren't sure how bahama buck's would affect our lives. For Jeff's birthday I found a great deal at a resort in Scottsdale.
 Here we are getting a tour of the huge resort on a golf cart. I was expecting a normal hotel room but we were in a villa (aka 1 bedroom apartment).
 They had multiple pools but the kids favorite was the sonoran splash pool with 2 big water slides.
 Sydney relaxing after a rough day.
 Later that evening we visited this western spot they have on the grounds for banquets and such.

 Then we did a little fishing. There was a huge fish we called the beast that ate our bait and hook. We reeled him in a few time but never did actually catch him.

 At night we went to the "dive-in" movie.
 Jeff took this picture in the wee hours of the morning while up with Macie.
Saturday morning the girls went to the kids club and fed some of the animals on site, made some crafts, and played games while Levi and I played on the water slides (Jeff and Macie were getting some much needed sleep).

 Water slide action. Levi was just barely tall enough to go. He went on the slides countless times.
 I loved that there were so many things to do and see. We didn't go zip lining or to the techno pool party and Saturday nights they have a firework show. In a few years vacationing with kids will be easier when they don't need naps and they know how to swim. We're on the countdown until we're there.

 The kids loved trying this water hamster wheel thing.  Levi went by himself.
 The girls went together. There was lots of laughing, squealing, and screaming involved. They start off by walking, then running, and as the wheel spins faster, they fall and body surf.

Late at night Jeff opened his presents and cards he got in the mail.
 We then put on our mustaches.

 and passed out his birthday treats.

 The funniest part was taking off the mustaches. The glue was very powerful. The  kids were laughing hysterically. The sugar doing it's thing I guess.

Oh and all these pictures were taken before Macie had a never before night. She woke up at 3am and cried off and on until 4am. She woke up all of us and then we started hearing footsteps in the room above us.  Jeff being heavy weight like he is took her outside and hung out for 3 1/2 hours so everyone else could sleep.

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gammie said...

What great pictures! I've looked at them over and over! What a great place! there was so much to do! I loved seeing the kids joyful faces! except for Macie's all nighter, what a great birthday for Jeff!!!