Saturday, June 28, 2014


The girls have been on the Gilbert swim team this summer. It is m-th early in the morning and a meet on Thursday evenings. The girls have done amazing. Jordyn surprised me the most. She does very well. I was especially so proud of her this past week when they did the 100Y medley. It's a difficult race for 5 and 6 year olds. She didn't stop at all and was breathless when she was done. I was so happy to see she had that endurance inside of her. It wasn't easy and she didn't give up.
 The meets are pretty boring for Levi and Macie. At 5pm it is still pretty hot and here is Macie resting on a chair.
 Sydney waiting for her turn. I love her excitement and nervousness right before it's her turn. Sydney does well and is very curious to gaze to see if anyone is in front of her. She is great at sprinting.
 The girls with their ribbons that they tape on the walls in their rooms.

 Jordyn and the backstroke. She has a unique technique to her butterfly :) She even smiles when she races.

 Another backstroke race.

The next few weeks are preliminaries and final races. The girls are such strong swimmers now. I love to watch them swim.

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