Tuesday, June 10, 2014

summer fun

 Summer has begun and we started full throttle with all sorts of stuff. #1-we learned about fish and even bought our own fish, a half moon beta fish. Sydney named him Twilight. In the picture above Sydney is working on a craft about fish. The other kids did the same craft.

#2: Home Depot project
 Last Saturday morning the kids assembled and painted their own little lawn mower at Home Depot. They nailed and screwed in pieces and painted it after. They all loved it.

 #3-moved Macie in a forward facing car seat. She is loving it and why wouldn't she? Many more things to look at. She felt like a big shot.


 Swimming is a big part of our summer. The girls joined the city swim team. Levi will next year. The practice early in the morning M-Th and Th nights they have their swim meets. This is Sydney when she started her race.
 Sydney came in 1st for her age group in backstroke.
 Jordyn came in 3rd place in backstroke. It was looking like she was gonna get first but she stopped twice to take a breath and look around. But she stayed in a straight path. Many kids were bumping into the lane divider. It's a lot of fun to watch. Last week Jordyn got 4th in freestyle so she was happy she improved. Both are becoming strong, solid swimmers, which is all I can ask for.

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gammie said...

Summer Fun indeed!!! The kids were obviously having fun at Home Depot! You really create a stimulating environment for your children! I love the bubble wrap fish! Very clever!!!