Saturday, June 28, 2014


It was a blast to have cousins Jake, Drew, and Brinley with us!
 We had the Rueckert's come to visit the beginning of June. The cousins had lots of fun together.
 We went to a high school water park one day.
 Lots of swimming and eating too much treats.
 Asking everyone to sit still and smile for a picture at once is asking too much. Apparently, 8 must be the magic age where that is possible.
 Macie and her cousin Brinley enduring heat and a swim meet.

It's impossible to have visitors and not take them to Bahama Buck's for a treat.
It was fun even though I was sick at the beginning of their visit and Luisa was sick at the end of the week, but we got to have a girls night out one time which was delightful!

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gammie said...

cousin time is always fun time! It looks like everyone was having fun!(although Jeff looked a little squished on the chair!)