Saturday, June 28, 2014

my girlies

Half the day the kids get along great like in this picture. The other half of the day they are purposely trying to bug each other, tattling on one another, and just sibling rivalry.
 Having said that, I have been blessed with good kids, healthy kids, cute kids, smart kids, well behaved kids (more so in public), and I love them to pieces!!!!!!
 Sydney is athletic, smart, left-handed, competitive, go-getter,  reliable, responsible, beautiful, talented, happy, spiritual, goofy, and so much more.

 Jordyn is giving, loving, compassionate, says it likes it is, wears her heart on  her sleeve, affectionate, willing to try new things, beautiful, has a dimple on her left cheek, and again I good go on and on.

 Macie is 1. She is busy, curious, likes to be heard, curious, daddy's girl, joyful, finding her voice, signs (her latest sign is shoe), climbs on everything, and she gets lots of attention in our home.
And this post is just about my daughters but we all love Levi and he'll always be my favorite little guy.

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gammie said...

The girls are all so grown up and each is so beautiful!!! Really!!!