Saturday, June 28, 2014

Musical Theatre Workshop

For two weeks in June the girls participated in this workshop and at the end of the two weeks had a performance.
 I put some make up on Sydney and Jordyn before their performance. They were excited to wear makeup and besides themselves to perform for Jeff and I.
 Because of their different ages, Jordyn was in a Junior class and Sydney was in a Senior class. It met at different times and they each had their own performance. They both had friends from the ward in their classes.
Jordyn is in the very back under the word "upon." It was amazing what the learned and memorized in just 2 weeks. Jordyn's class sang 7 songs with choreography to each one.
 Jordyn under the word "song." The songs were all great songs too, none of those obnoxious kid songs. We still listen to them in the car.

 After the performance the girls giving their teacher, Jenee Prince, a hug. She is amazing with that perky, high energy, so positive person I wish I could be just for 10 minutes.

 Jordyn did so well and I think she got the acting bug. She wants to do this again throughout the school year.
 Sydney's class learned 16 songs all with choreography. Again I was so shocked about all they learned in just 2 weeks. She was very animated and you could feel her excitement on stage.
 Sydney had a speaking part and a solo part as well.

It was so great seeing them perform, different than performing in a sport. I felt that this experience gave them so much confidence and pride. They worked so hard for 2 weeks and they had that pride in performing what they had practiced. I think that is a little more abstract in sports right now at their age because sports is more strategic. Practice and executing that in a performance is more tangible for them right now. Regardless of my theories, it was great for them and fun for Jeff and I to watch.

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gammie said...

I wish I could have seen them perform. They looked so beautiful and cute performing! Did you record it? They've had an awesome summer! way to go Lauren!!!