Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Break: Part I

 All these pictures are mixed up. We went on a our first family cruise. It was 4 days and we left out of Long Beach and our ports were Catalina and Ensenada. The Gers went with us too and there room was right across our room.
We had lots of fun. We went to a class to learn how to make towel animals. We also played Bingo.
 We got off at Ensenada and drove to the blow hole. Sydney fell asleep on my shoulder on the way back.
 Here's the blowhole. The tour guide said there's 3 in the world: Hawaii, Ensenada, and Australia. We've been to 2 of the 3.
 Ensenada was an eye opener for the kids. They didn't understand why kids were out of school and trying to sell stuff with their parents.
 In our state room they loved the bunk beds and towel animals. To give us a little more space the girls slept in the bunk beds in the Gers room one night and then next night Levi would get to sleep in the Gers room. They were so exhausted by the end of the day, the second their heads hit the pillow, they were out.
 This picture was taken before we boarded the ship. All of us so excited.
 The kids with their cousins: Jake and Drew. We hung out with them a lot.
 Getting on the ship was amazing to the kids. Levi couldn't believe how big it was. They were all mesmerized by the enormity and all the things inside the ship.
 Just a pretty view.
 Checking the ship out before we could go to our rooms.

We enjoyed the jacuzzi, pools, and water slides.

 We loved getting fresh air and seeing the view and the birds. We didn't see any dolphins.
 We soaked up some sun while at the pool area.
 The kids had fun being on the lido deck and dancing.
 We drank hot chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This picture we were up really early at Ensenada. I had just ran 5 miles on the treadmill which was a weird feeling on a moving ship.
 Macie crashed in the backpack in Ensenada while we were walking around. When she woke up on the shuttle she was beside herself and we did everything we could to calm her down with everyone else having to endure a crying baby.
 She also liked walking around on the boat too. One time we took advantage of the free day care so Jeff and I could enjoy a few hours of relaxing.
 In the street by the blow hole. Levi is wear a Nacho Libre mask. They each got one souvenir. Levi picked that, Jordyn got a mexican dress, and Sydney chose a chair hammock that is currently in her room.
 A little bit of relaxing in Great Grandma Marianne's room before our next thing to do. Macie took naps during the day and slept well at night, except for the very last night :/
 All of us enjoying cooler weather than Arizona.
 Lot of fun on the water slides. The water was freezing but it didn't stop the kids.
It was a great vacation! The kids tried all the fancy food at night: lobster, escargot, braised rabbit, and frog legs. Their favorite was the all you can eat ice cream. The kids loved being in another country and we had the best time--so many memories.

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