Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Macie turns 18 months

 Were these pictures difficult to take. Macie had a hard time staying still long enough to snap a picture. I must have taken 100 and got a select few. It's even hard to bribe her. I think she knows I'm forcing something upon her which makes her resist even more.
 But just look at her face. She's the cutest! Very loving, follows directions well, and wanting to help. We'll ask where things are and she'll look around trying to find whatever it is. She'll hand me my glasses, and she finally started calling me "mama" instead of "dada." She does get into everything. She can take the baby lock off the kitchen sink and gets into everything down there. She managed to get baking soda in the pantry and spill that everywhere and also the yellow food coloring and spilled that all over her clothes and skin. She loves exploring the van. One time I was cleaning it out and let her play inside and within a minute she found a yellow highlighter and drew some art all over the dashboard, passenger seat, and side panel...within a minute! She also moves chairs around to climb on counters and uses the toilet as a stepping stool to get onto the bathroom sinks. She keeps us on our toes.
 Her language is coming along saying quite a bit of words and mimicking what we say. She also knows about 20 signs. She loves looking and reading books. She's been my biggest dancer so far. When she hears any music she starts moving around or bobbin' her head.
I love this picture!
I tried putting her on the bed as a way to contain her but she ended up rolling around and around. She's great and started nursery too! She went right in and they've never had to call us out. I think leaving her at the gym has helped out a lot. We already have been through the the leaving and coming back to pick her up drama. We love her lots!

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