Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Break: Part II

 After the cruise we got together with our friends. There were also about 16 kids too playing and having a lot of fun.

 We enjoyed an afternoon at Huntington Beach. Jordyn enjoyed playing a mermaid for 10 minutes.
Chasing the waves, finding shells, and digging in the sand consumed you guys for hours.

 So right after, I mean RIGHT AFTER, we got off the cruise. We drove to Knott's Berry Farm. We surprised the kids with that and meeting the lamonts, gammie, and uncle ryan. Jeff dropped us off, took Macie home to rest, and met us back at the park later.
 After the park, as if we weren't tired enough, we went out to dinner for more fun. Jonas and Levi being silly, I mean, scary.
 The Rylisen's (ryan and allisen) were nice and gave the tickets lots of tokens to play all sorts of games. They had so much fun.
 This is JEff's first selfie. Him and Jordyn on the swings at Knott's.
 Macie and Levi spent some time at Camp Snoopy. Macie loved this ride. She was so happy and giddy and cried as soon as it was over. The worker let us stay on the bus a few more times.
 Macie spending some quality with Finn and taking care of him.
 The log ride with Uncle Ryan. It broke down right when we got there so we waited awhile. The kids also enjoyed big foot rapids and ghostrider.
 Sydney posing
 All the kids posing
 Montezuma's Revenge was the very first ride they rode on together. They were so excited and hyper.
 This ride was fun to take with all the girls.
 This was when they first realized they actually saw each other. They couldn't believe. They were in shock... an elated shock.

 bear hug with levi and jonas
 The kids met some friends right before they saw rowan and jonas.

 Here were the shots when we first told the kids we were going to Knott's Berry Farm. They couldn't believe it! They thought we were going home especially since we just got off the cruise ship.
 They still didn't even know we were gonna meet up with the Lamonts and Gammie and Uncle Ryan.

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