Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Time

 We went back to Vertuccio Farms again this year. I love how Macie's eyes are looking to the left.
We went right after school during the week. It wasn't busy at all.
The kids had fun on the huge teeter totter...
pumping water and watching the water move the ball to the other side,
looking at the pets,
play on the giant spider web,
jump on the big balloon thing (this is Jordyn),
go down the big slides (Macie loved it and wanted to go more and more),
jumping from bale of hay to bale of hay and climbing on them,
riding the pedal cars,
more jumping and leaping,
riding on the grain train,
making silly faces,
enjoying time together,
taking lots of pictures,
acting like scarecrows by the corn maze,
in the corn maze. The corn maze was a lot of fun. They make a game out of it. Sydney won with 1200 points. Another fun time at this farm.

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