Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 The week before Halloween, we went to a halloween party. It was a rock-n-roll theme so we went with the Perkins dressed as the Village People. I was a cop and Jeff a construction worker. Fun to dress up and go out with our friends.
 On the 29th, we carved pumpkins. Levi chose a haunted house.
 Sydney chose the word creepy and actually did a lot of the carving too.
 Jordyn chose the witch's hat and broomstick. She was feeling sick, even throwing up a few times and had a fever.

 Levi wanted to be a pirate this year. He made a great pirate and even had the facial expression down.

 I dressed Macie as an In-N-Out worker. She wouldn't keep the hate on or the name tag on so I only got a few pictures before she was just plain-old grumpy. I got a drink thinking she would be distracted holding a cup, and she was for about 20 seconds before she realized something was on her head.
 See...hat and name tag are gone.
 Jordyn wanted to be snow white. She loved twirling around in this dress that Aunt Tricia made for her daughter years ago. It's hard to tell but I spray painted her hair black.
 It was fun this year because their school had a parade. I remember having a parade when I was in Elementary so I was happy for them that they could have that too.
 Sydney decided she wanted to be a dead bride. We bought this costume.
 I spray painted her hair white and black too. They both were pretty excited for their classroom parties and the parade. I helped out with the parties and of course stayed for the parade before going to Levi's school for his party. There was a lot of driving around that day.
This is Jordyn's class. There were so many Elsas and Annas from the movie Frozen.
 Levi's school had games to play and then they performed a little dance to the song, "Ghostbusters."
The day before halloween, Sydney had her first big school project. She had to pick a book, do a book report, writing a 5 paragraph essay, and make a pumpkin into one of the characters. So she read Charlotte's web and made a pumpkin to look like Charlotte.
 That night we had several families over: the Rigby's, Steele's, and Moncurs. Everyone brought over soup. We ate outside in the driveway with our fire pit and then the kids were off. Some of us walked with all the kids while the others stayed on the driveway passing out candy.
 Here's the party. The kids had fun walking around with their friends.
 After walking around the neighborhood, they came in the garage, dumped their candy and started comparing and trading. By the time the kids finally went to bed, I was pretty excited that the day was over. It's fun celebrating but also exhausting.

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