Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Phoenix Temple Tour

On Oct. 17th we drove to Glendale to walk through the new Phoenix temple. It's so exciting that this is the second temple in the same year that the kids had this opportunity.
 The temple is beautiful. I loved the oval baptismal font and celestial room. It's smaller than the Gilbert temple. It's kind of off the beaten path. You can't see it from the freeway. It's close to some homes and a water park. We had to park at the water park and they shuttled us to the temple.
Me and my love
Macie loves Jesus. She has a picture of Him in her room and she kisses his picture every night before bed. If I don't do it, she grunts and points to His picture.
 Our family picture. Macie was difficult to manage throughout the temple, wanting to walk and check out places we weren't allowed to the baptismal font full of water.

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