Thursday, May 30, 2013

2 months

On Memorial Day Macie turned 2 months. She's grown so much. She's grown 3 1/2 inches and 4 lbs. She's currently 24 inches (95%ile) and 12 lbs (84 %ile). She's one healthy baby and I couldn't be more happy. She received her first shots and had a fever that night. It was the first time in 6 weeks that I actually had to turn on the light and wake up with her (2:30am). She's sleeps amazingly well at night and has since she was 2 weeks.  
 A picture I snapped in the morning. Seriously how am I suppose to get house work done when I have this perfect little baby too stare at? Needless to say, I stayed in bed an extra 45 minutes doing just that while Jeff got Sydney off to school. I feel that was an equal trade, right???
 A picture after her bath. I have to make sure and wash the crusty, old milk under one of the several folds under her neck.
 I couldn't resist painting her cute little toe nails.
 She's smiling people (while her eyes are open)! Her first smile was during this month--May 18th. Jeff got her to smile at him while they were chillin' by the pool.
 At the Gilbert TempleVisitors Center. The visitor center closed today, May 26th, because they need to finish the landscaping. They estimate the open house of the temple will be in Nov/Dec. I'm so excited for my kids to see inside a temple and remember it. Sydney was about 18 months when we went to the Newport Beach open house.
 2 months have flown by and it's fun to see and compare how much she has grown in just a month.
Her left eye that always got goopey went away on it's own and she stopped hiccuping. It was a nightly occurrence at about 9:30pm, even in utero.

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Kirsten said...

Oh I would have stayed in bed an extra 45 minutes too!! She is such a cutie pie! And yes that trade off was completely fair.