Monday, May 20, 2013

Sydney's award

A few weeks ago Sydney was invited to attend a dinner banquet for coming in 3rd place for a district wide essay contest. She wrote the essay at school so nobody received help from parents. This is her essay--  I feel happy when I go on walks with my family and dog. Sometimes I bring a friend. We tell funny stories when we are walking. I love going on walks with my family.

By the way, we don't even have a dog :) It was a fun evening just Sydney with Jeff and I.

Sydney's "SPRING SING"
Sydney's school had a little concert on the lawn. Each grade sang a few patriotic songs. Sydney was excited to use the kazoo.

 This is a face I haven't seen before but I love it. She was excited to perform and be with her friends outside of school.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Sydney is talented in so many ways! I love her little face with the kazoo!!!