Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day. I distinctively remember being a kid and every mother's day this thought ran through my head, "They should have a special day just for kids." But now that I'm a mom I realize that moms make kids feel special least I try to. In our home Jeff knows that on mother's day I am not allowed to cook, clean, change diapers, or put kids to bed. It's a day off...which is kinda weird I know. A holiday to celebrate moms and I'm requesting to NOT BE A MOM for one day. Jeff sets the rules to the kids: If I'm in the kitchen, I'm in trouble. If I'm picking things up, I'm in trouble. The only rule is for mom to take a nap. The kids jaw dropped like, "taking a nap is something she is required to do???" I love the rules. I enjoyed all the things the kids made for me. Sydney wrote me a note that said this. 
"Your life will lead you to rainbows wearever you are. When you feel the wind blowing it's me that love's you. When your in the desert and you see a snake don't weary be happy because I'm with you. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Love, Sydney" How cute is that? It melts my heart.

Jordyn's preschool had a mother's tea party. She escorted me in her classroom and served me water and cookies and gave me the presents she made for me: flowers, a coupon book, and some questions she answered about me (the bottom picture).

 All of us before church. I love the calling and privilege of Motherhood.
 Macie and I- She is 5 weeks here.
How do I show my mom I love to her: HUG
My favorite thing to do with my mom is: LIE DOWN
My mom's favorite color: BLUE--yes
Her favorite food is: CHINESE- -no, not really
If she has extra time she likes to: SPEND TIME WITH ME AND DAD--yes
When my mom grows up she wants to be a: SHE WAS ALREADY A SCHOOL TEACHER BUT THEY GRADUATE--:)
My mom and dad met at: THE BEACH--no :)
My mom laughs when: JOKES--yes
My mom is how old? 34--yes
What my mom loves most is: FAMILY--yes
She did really good answering these questions!


TimShawSr said...

I remember how much Mother’s Day was when I was a boy, my father tried to do the same as Jeff. We use to make breakfast for mom in bed, usually burnt toast. My sister Teri made menus my mother would order from and we would do our best. Breakfast was my father’s favorite meal to cook so he usually jumped in. I tried to arrange the same sorts of things for Karen, I don’t know if Jeff remembers. It is so precious how Jordyn just sort of makes up a response when she doesn’t know, I always love the fantasy life of children. Sometime they have trouble distinguishing between what’s real and where they have filled in the blanks.

Lauren, that picture of you holding Macie up close to your face standing outside is absolutely precious. I love that you can see the detail in your eyes, the joy, the wisdom, the contentment. It makes my heart so happy. And Macie is just an ANGEL from heaven. How I long to hold her in my arms.

Coordination Queen said...

Lauren, You look fabulous!!! I love the rules at your house!