Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sydney: "Dad, what's that big freckle some people have in between their eyes."
Jeff: "They're Indian."
Sydney: "Grandpa's Indian and he doesn't have one."
Then we talk about the difference between people who live in India and Indian people. (and my dad is like 1/16 Indian. He gets VERY TAN in the summer but that's the only thing that's Indian about him).

Macie was crying and Jordyn in a baby voice says, "Are you crying for some people who have cancer?"

Next morning Macie was crying again and Jordyn asks her (again in baby voice), "Are you exhausted? Don't cry, it's USELESS."

We were at a baptism and while the 8 year old girl was getting dressed, Jeff had shown a video about Christ. Jordyn [has a loud voice] and in this voice says at the end of the short clip announces, "THAT WAS A MORMON MESSAGE. DAD. YOU SHOWED US A MORMON MESSAGE." I was sitting in the back hiding under a hooter hider feeding Macie and the lady next to me says, "Isn't that your daughter?"

At the same baptism the Bishop was speaking and asked the 8 year old, "what is the word of God?" By this point Jordyn had made her way to the back with me and was sitting on my lap now. The 8 year old wasn't answering and Jordyn yells, "It's the Book of Mormon." I was just so happy she knew the answer. (Sometimes I wonder if she's ever listening to Jeff or I or her primary teachers. It seems like she's in a world of her own most times).

Levi: "Mom, I like your bones. I like your eyes. I like your nose. I like your bathing "babying" suit. I like your boobs. I like your skin. I like your mouth. I like your hair. etc." I liked all his complements. Okay, the boob one was a little disturbing. If he still says that in a few years, I'll be getting him some help.


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh I about died on the cancer one oh little girl I miss you lol to funny

TimShawSr said...

Jordyn had really figured out life hasn't she. She had figured out when crying is productive and not. You can tell that you and Jeff don't give into useless whining. She was trying to impart some hard life lessons learned to her little sister.

These comments of Levi are so good. Lauren, it is so good you have recorded all of this sayings. I remember as a very little boy telling my mother that I loved her, and that I wanted to marry her. (of course I had no idea what romantic love was). I remember her very well when she was 27 and 28. And she was very beautiful, and I was sort of proud of it.

I suppose if my mom had kept a blog she would have typed, "Timmy today wore one of my dresses, some of my jewelry and a pair of my high heels. Then he told me he wanted to marry me. I am a little worried about that boy."