Thursday, May 30, 2013

Natural Bridge

On Memorial Day we drove to Payson and went on a hike to Tonto's Natural Bridge. We went with the Theurer's. They have kids about the same ages as ours. It was fun to hear the conversations that was said between each other. For example, Jeff heard Jordyn say to her friend, "Just think about when we're back in our cold car watching a movie and eating a snack."
 We made it through the bridge. I was carrying Macie in the Baby Bjorn it was a trek to get to where we are in this picture. There was about 1/2 mile of climbing over boulders, streams, and slippery rock. Once we were under the bridge it was dripping water on us. I even slipped once. The rocks were SO slippery. I'm glad we made it. It was like a class IV hike for little Macie. Her first hike and she was a champ. The kids were awesome too! I owe that to their friends. We've noticed there is less complaining when they have friends to hike with.
 Levi was an amazing hiker. He was keeping up with Sydney and Soren (he was in her first grade class). Jeff could barely keep up with him.
 Macie and I after going through the bridge. At one point there was a park ranger to lend a hand because there was one part that was steep, slippery, and no place to hold on to. I pretty much sat down on the rock, with Macie, and slid down.
 The trail to get to the bridge was hard to follow because there was no trail it was just climbing over boulders.
 The kids found a cave to sit and catch their breath. Who am I kidding, kids don't need to rest; they have more energy than their parents combined.
 A shoe tree we found outside of parson.
 A view of the natural bridge that they believe was created by lava flowing through it.

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