Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the flu

Last night something happened that I've never witnessed in the 10 years that Jeff and I have been married.....he THREW UP. I'm definitely jealous that he never throws up. In all honesty I throw up AT LEAST two times every year for as long as I can remember. So I woke up at 1am to Jeff hacking and his first response was something like, "I don't know how you survived 4 pregnancies and 4 bouts of morning sickness throwing up everyday." Although I feel bad that he had just thrown up because I know that horrible feeling very well, I was thrilled that he "gets it" now and has a little more empathy and respect for what I went through with the whole pregnancy thing. Funny though, I'm mostly likely done with being pregnant.
Then this morning he said, "the last time I remember throwing up was when I was 15 and was challenged to drink an entire gallon of milk in 5 minutes." That made me laugh. It totally sounds like a teenager-boy thing to do. What is it about boy teenagers (and girls too sometimes) that don't think 10 minutes into the future. Then I remembered some of the other malicious and dumb things Jeff has told me of things he did when he was a teenager.
* doing a flip off the roof of a house and into a pool. Luckily he cleared the 4-5 foot of cement before landing into the pool.
* Filling a water gun with water and adding red dye to it and then shooting a street performer in Vegas that was dressed in all white with this red water.
* Pulling the fire alarm at church because he didn't feel like going to sunday school. They evacuated the entire building.
Those are just a few. I'm sure his older brother can fill multiple pages with many more stories. Having said this, I love Jeff and now that he's older and not a teenager,  I love hearing these stories.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jeff! I can't believe his shananigans in his youth!!! I loved the las vegas one! He's lucky the guy didn't track him down!

Jake & Andrea said...

Haha I love this, I never knew that that side of Jeff, not surprising though. Congratulations with the baby! I love reading your blog and keeping up with your family. My husband and I are moving to Chandler for a couple months in August and we would love to come visit!!
PS- this is Sister Cranney (from Alaska) if you don't recognize Andrea. :)

TimShawSr said...

Ah yes the projectile vomit. I remember doing it once about Jeff's age so hard I passed out on the bathroom floor. I hallucinated I was in the Aspen grove behind Mount Timpanogous. The warm summer breeze was blowing, I could hear the sound in the tree... just beautiful. I woke-up covered in vomit.

Boy, that church alarm episode was one of the worst. I was in gospel doctrine when the alarm went off and it was SO LOUD you had no choice but to leave the building. So, the ENTIRE WARD is standing in the parking lot, about the time the fire trucks are coming up the street some kids in the ward come up and tell me Jeff pulled it. Was I mad, the gospel doctrine teacher was a nice guy, but he took his lessons VERY seriously. He demanded Jeff make a formal apology to him, which he did. When I asked Jeff why he did it his response was, "I just wanted to see what would happen." Duh

I could tell you more, but I will leave his image intact. As you said Lauren, no thought for the next 30 seconds, let alone 10 minutes.