Sunday, January 5, 2014

more christmas fun

 The Sunday before Christmas we snapped some pictures after church before the kids ran inside to change clothes. Sydney played the violin one Sunday in the ward orchestra and the next week she participated in the sacrament christmas program singing a song with the activity day girls.

 So fun when the playfully get along and enjoy one another's company.

 One activity we did was making some managers with baby Jesus inside. It was in the Friend magazine and we had an FHE lesson about the birth of Christ.
 Christmas dinner: roast, mash potatoes and gravy, and corn. One of our favorites.
 And of course gingerbread houses. This year I made my own. It was fun because each of them got their own house and decorated it how they wanted. These are the end results.

 The kids loved this and of course ate during the activity and ate more after they were done.
We had a wonderful Christmas season. The kids finished at Benjamin Franklin and start Quartz Hill after the break.
 On Christmas Eve we went to a Rehabilitation Center/Nursing home and sang to the residents. We came bearing gifts of an orange and candy cane.
 We sang with the Perkins, Huss' and Neely's
 Christmas Eve night we ate dinner at the Huss' and frosted sugar cookies. The kids didn't get to bed late though.
 Levi and Jeff talking to one of the residents .

The girls singing carols. It was nice to serve. Another service we participated in was Jackson's eagle project. One saturday the kids and some scouts collected donated items in our neighborhood to families that were experiencing rough times. Then after the items were wrapped we dropped them off at the families' home. The kids loved the ding-dong ditch thing. 

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Kirsten said...

You always do such fun things with your kids Lauren! I always want to do more things like that, but I usually don't. It's a good goal for this year to do more hands on learning and family activities like you guys do!