Thursday, April 7, 2011

10 years from now

10 YEARS FROM NOW my kids won't....
1. run around the house naked (both)
2. put thier head to my butt and ask, "did you toot mom"?" (jordyn)
3. take baths with their siblings
4. give me a kiss with tongue out (levi)
5. scream from the bathroom, "MOM I WENT POO. WIPE ME." (jordyn. sydney used to.)
6. lay on top of me, squeeze me, and give me a big kiss.
7. fight with each other over who gets to put something away.
8. pick their nose in public
9. ask me to carry/hold them
10. ask me to kiss their bottom to make it better cuz they fell on their tush
11. use their sleeves as a tissue and napkin to wipe their mouth and nose

Sorry most of them are bathroom humor, but it's these things that make me laugh because I know it 10 years they would be mortified by doing any of these things. I have to write these things down now because they won't believe me (when they're 13,14,15 years old) when I tell them that they used to dance with each other naked or these other things.


Amy said...

That is hillarious! I think it is so funny because I can relate to a few of those:)

Kirsten said...

Oh that made me laugh! I should make a list of my own to cherish 10 years from now.