Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Week-day 2

Song: He Died That We MIght Live Again
Scripture: John 13:1-30
GAK #226 "Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet"

Tonight Jeff came home from work and me and the girls were dressed as people in the New Testament. Jeff joined us in getting properly dressed. We reinacted the Triumphal Entry; except we used a toy airplane as a donkey and then we had our own version of the Last Supper. Maybe when all my kids are in school and I have all day to plan and prepare an authentic meal that Jesus would have eaten I will do such a thing. I'll make unleavened bread and cook lamb and find a store that sells part of a honey comb. Currently in my circumstances I'm all about making it easy on myself. So I made a chicken dinner, had grapes and figs (which I'm sure Jesus ate). We ate at our coffee table (or in our case hot chocolate table) sitting on some pillows on the floor. While eating our meal, we discussed the picture, discussed things Jesus wore and what he might have eaten, we talked about serving others and how we feel when we give and receive service. After dinner Jeff filled a basin (aka postpartum little tub from hospital) full of water and washed and dried the girls' feet. The girls really loved ALL of this and so did I. I think this is something the girls will definitely remember and that's what it's all about. I'm thinking this easter week-long celebration will become a tradition. It's only day 2 and I'm liking what's transpiring. All dressed up ready for the Last Supper
The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Washing of the feet


Grandpa Tim said...

This is so beautiful! I have two very vivid memories of Easter when I was a child. I think in both cases I was between 7 and 9. The first memory was my whole family was MAJORLY sick with the flu the entire week before Easter. None of us (including my parents) could even get out of bed…. Super high temperatures and lots of projectile vomiting. We were way too sick to do Easter eggs, no one really cared. And we couldn’t go to church. I remember Saturday night lying in bed figuring we wouldn’t have Easter baskets with all the candy and Chocolate bunnies the next morning. My parents were too sick to be Easter bunnies.
But, a miracle happened. Easter morning we woke up (me, Tom and Teri) and there they were in front of the fireplace, beautiful baskets. We sat and looked at them…it would be several days before I felt like eating any of it. But I just couldn’t believe it. I snuck over to mom and asked her where the baskets had come from. She said that after we had gone to bed my dad, who was one of the sickest, waited till we were asleep and snuck out and found an open store and bought all the makings and came home and lovingly put them all together and set them in their place. Kids at that age usually don’t even notice such sacrifices, but I remember laying in my bed amazed that our father loved us so much that he would put our little happiness above his terrible suffering. I have since come to realize that his loving sacrifice that Easter taught me more about the real Easter than almost anything else.
The other experience happened one or two years later. We were having our Family Night the week before Easter. We didn’t act it all out like you guys, but my mother read us the story of the last week of Jesus’ life. When she got to the part about Jesus washing the Apostles feet my father suddenly produced the big pot we cooked spaghetti in and began to wash our feet. There was just silence, I think we all felt the same. When he got to me I felt like Peter, I felt unworthy to have my father perform this selfless act on me. I said nothing but just sat and cried while he washed them.
These are my two vivid memories of Easter as a child. And in each case my father, who I had such respect and love for, showed such humility and love that it was life changing. How I miss my father.

Grandpa Tim said...

Ask Jeff, We always acted out the Christmas story... not sure if we did Easter. My memory is not what it use to be.