Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some bunnies love you

Like everyone else, I have to post some traditional Easter pictures. Here are a few Easterly/Sisterly love pictures.
Jordyn giving her big sister a kiss on the cheek.

whoooaaaa. Easy Jodryn. I guess the kiss on the cheek wasn't enough and laid a big one right on Sydney's lips. Another thing they won't be doing in 10 years...kissing each other on the lips.

Sydney took the 2 easter egg hunts she participated in very seriously. She was on a mission to get the most eggs she could.

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Brooke said...

oh my! I missed the Jordyn lip lock when I was talking to you! What a treasure or future blackmail! The girls look so precious sharing all their little moments! I can hardly wait to see them. I can't check the kids' blogs until I get home Sat. Thanks for sharing!!!! XOXO