Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Week-day 4

Song: He Sent His Son
Scripture: Matt. 26:47-56
GAK #227: The Betrayal Of Judas
Activity: Today we had our FHE/devotional during the day because we had plans as soon as Jeff came home from work. After reading the scripture, looking at the picture and describing what happened, we talked about what friendship, betrayal, and loyalty means. We finished our devotional with a game. It was a "friendship matching/memory" game. On the cards of friends it told us what friends do: tell the truth, take turns, help each other, share, etc. It was good timing to have this specific lesson because wouldn't you guess that Sydney and Jordyn weren't getting along prior to our devotional. We also talked about how we can be friends and loyal to the Savior.
To follow Christ' example of service from day 2, we took one of those "cookie ingredients in a jar" thing to a young widow up the street and wanted to invite her to church. She's gone for the month so we gave it to her house sitter. Too bad, it obviously would've been way cooler had she been home.

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