Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Week-day 1

I really want my children to learn the true meaning of Easter, but not only that, I want them to experience it. So I have plans for a week long Easter experience I got from "A Christ-Centered Easter" and sugardoodle. We will do these activities each evening...kind of like a evening devotional/activity. I am using one picture (from the Gospel Art Kit) and discussing it as well as a few other things each day.

Monday, Day 1:
Song: Easter Hosanna-we listened to it because let's be honest Jeff and I don't know any of the words to any of the primary easter songs.
Scripture-Mark 11:1-10
GAK #223 "The Triumphal Entry." Discussed the picture. Talked about the meaning of the word Hosanna (read the definition from the bible dictionary). Talked about palm branches. Later Jeff and I discussed the symbolism of the palm branches (from a 1996 article in the Friend Magazine).
Activity: Made our own palm branches. Made edible tombs: cut a cupcake in half, scooped out the cream filling, placed a vanilla wafer as the stone to cover the tomb.

The girls were excited. I told them in advance that we were going to have FHE every night this week to learn more about the last week of Christ's life. I probably learned more than the girls. Jordyn mostly stared at the picture during the lesson. She couldn't eat her edible tomb because she made the decision not to eat dinner. Sydney liked listening to the Easter Hosanna song. She thought the word Hosanna was funny but later learned what it means. We could've acted out the triumphal entry scene to reiterate the story. I'll probably do this tomorrow when Sydney comes home from preschool. These lessons would probably be more effective in the morning when the girls are happy and alert but then Jeff wouldn't be around. I'm excited to learn more about the events leading to Christ's resurrection, honoring the Savior everyday this week, and hopefully feeling the presence of the Holy Ghost in our home and hearts as we learn together as a family. Stay tuned each day to read the lessons and activities we do.


Amy said...

I love this idea! Keep posting because I am going to copy you!

trimarie said...

That's awesome, Lauren. Very nice idea. :)