Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Week-day 3

Song: He Died that We Might Live Again
Scripture: Mark 14:12-21
GAK 227: "Jesus Praying in Gethsemane"
Activity: I read "Jesus Christ's Atonement Is the Greatest Gif of Love" by Karen Ashton. After reading and discussing the article along with the GAK picture we completed a crossword puzzle together. Unfortunately Jeff worked late and then had some church meetings to attend so he has yet to come home and I miss his help; emphasis on help, because I rely on him for all scriptural sound details (if that makes sense to anyone). I wanted to do the crossword puzzle a little more creatively than just fill in the blank on the piece of paper. I made the crossword puzzle from post it notes and put it on the wall and the girls filled in the puzzle them self. Tonight the girls learned the words atonement, resurrection, and Gethsemane. It is hilarious to hear them say those words too .Our finished crossword puzzle. I was surprised how well Sydney comprehended an article that didn't have the words princess, crowns, or jewelry in it. She was able to answer most of the questions to the puzzle.
This cute beast had to be tamed in his booster seat so he wouldn't tear down the post-it notes.

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Grandpa Tim said...

Levi looks like he has a devious mind and is working on his next move...