Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Week-day 5

Song: I believe in Christ
Scripture: lots. refer to activity
GAK 230: The Crucifixion
We listened to the song twice. The first time we just listened; the second time I held up the picture and described the scene at Calvary and the words spoken. Finally after suffering in Gethsemane and by giving up his life on the cross, his mission was complete when He said, "It is finished. Father into thy hands I commend my spirit." I think this picture/scene/moment in time (along with the Garden of Gethsemane) are two of the most tear-swelling, lump in throat, soften heart reactions I have when I think of the love, devotion, faith, and tender mercy of our Savior towards us. I'm rambling. I could go on forever but that wouldn't come close the deep feelings I have of the Savior.
Activity: Easter egg lesson. I had a dozen plastic eggs and put items in each egg surrounding the crucifixion and ressurrection. This idea has been around for awhile and there are many variations to this.
Here is a list of what I put in the eggs, there are corresponding scriptures to each egg, but I'm too tired to write them all down. If you're really interested you can message me.
1. Cup
2. 3 dimes
3. Twine
4. Soap
5. Red Cloth and thorns
6. Cross and nail
7. Dice
8. Sponge and stick
9. Rocks
10. White linen and stone
11. Spices
12. leave egg empty
One by one we opened each egg. You do want to open the eggs in this order. The girls loved opening each egg and then curious to hear how each item related to the Crucifixion and/or Resurrection. For example, I knew that Jesus was given vinegar but didn't remember that they soaked the vinegar in a sponge before making Him drink it. Still not sure how much this is sinking in the girls' sweet, little brains, but I'm pretty sure it's not a whole lot; thus, confirming to me that we need to do this week long easter celebration every year.

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