Saturday, April 9, 2011

last time to sled this season (hoping so)

Last week for FHE we went sledding, thinking it might be our last time for another 6 months (which I'm openly excited about). Remember a few posts back I admitted to perhaps not-so-smart ideas coming from Jeff and me? We had yet another one....but no one was hurt so it doesn't count as a bad idea. It was risky because we took Levi sledding with the hiking backpack thingamajig. It is no surprise that he loved it so we went down the hill lots of times and luckily Jeff didn't fall, possibly squishing the little guy.


The Shaws said...

That bottom pic of Sydney rocks. Her face is priceless!

Traci Michele said...


Hey there! Just found your blog... nice to connect with you! Visit me sometime?