Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Feed My Starving Children

 The beginning of March we went to this place and prepared food that is sent to poverished areas of the world. We watched a video first. A boy was 6 years old and weighed 19lbs. 6 months later after he received this food he weight more than 60lbs. We all had a great time working together with strangers and making food.
 Gotta love the hair nets.
 We were all at stations. Levi needed a little stool to help him reach to pour his stuff in a bag.
 Jordyn in charge of pouring rice in a bag.
 Jeff and Levi working side by side
 Sydney putting the bags of food in a box to ship to places. Every time we filled a box we yelled the number box we were on. There were probably about 6 other tables doing the same thing. It was a little friendly competition who could make the most boxes.
When we finished (about an hour), we cleaned up our stations and before we left, we blessed the food we had prepared. It was a fun family service project to do. I'm sure we'll do this more!

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gammie said...

That's wonderful!!! Lauren you plan and do exceptional things with your family!!! I'm proud of all of you!!!