Tuesday, June 23, 2015

last day of school

Jordyn did so great this year. She grew by leaps and bounds with her reading and gained a lot of confidence with that. I worked with her teacher, Mrs. Morris as that was a concern for us earlier in the school year. Jordyn is a smart girl and oh so sweet!
Sydney is also a great student as she is very attentive and follows directions impeccably. 3rd grade started some girl drama on the playground and that sort of age appropriate stuff so we talk through that often.

These two when they are getting along are best friends. I really think that they are so different so that they don't make comparisons with one another. I hope they will appreciate the differences they have and compliment one another by having different personalities. Love them to pieces!!
Sydney had an end of the year school party. Swimming, Bahama Bucks, and......

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gammie said...

They are sure growing up! It's fun to have the memories recorded. Nothing like a pool party to share good times with friends!