Sunday, June 7, 2015

Levi turns 5!!

 Levi turned 5 this year. It's all happened so fast. Mixed emotions come from me. I want him to grow bigger but still have that same boyish, purity about him and hope he is always that sweet, loving, helpful, tender kid that he is.
 If you can't tell we had a "dinosaur" theme party for playgroup. It was a great group of kids this year: Lucy, Weston, and Marin Rigby, Mallory Moncur, Andersen Theurer, Spencer Manning, and Brayden Nielsen.
 A few Sundays before his primary teacher gave him a seed to plant and it actually grew :) He was very proud of his plant.

Two of his friends helping him open presents and telling him what they got him before he opened the presents. So cute!

 Mallorie, our neighbor and Levi
We got him 2 games he can play on the XBOX

 His actually birthday was during our Spring Break so we went rollerskating. He's gotten so much better since he's had roller blades.
 His sweet baby pictures 
 Right after his birthday he need a hair cut and we thought this old man cut was hilarious. We thought for halloween he can be an old man with this hair do.
And lots of money from family that he received in the mail. I'm pretty sure he had a great week!!

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gammie said...

How fun was that ?! I love the hats!!! I really liked the old man look! Hysterical!