Sunday, June 7, 2015

Macie turns 2

I mean, I really don't think they come this much cuter!
 She's been starting to pose and she comes up with some crazy and crazy, funny expressions too. In that way, she reminds me a lot of Jordyn.

 She got her own cupcake to devour. 

 She wouldn't use her hands.

 She like getting sung to and she loved the presents she got. A new baby doll she takes care of that cries (which is really annoying, especially the 50th time you hear it).

 Uncle Ryan and Aunt Alisen also got her a Farm lego set that gets played with everyday.

Mac still takes a daily nap. She loves to sleep with her special blanket. She's doesn't like having a dirty diaper and so she's gone pee in the toilet a few times but that is it. She is talking a lot more. It seems like all of the sudden, she's switched from wanting Jeff all the time to wanting me again. She's a happy girl, likes to sing, play on jeff's phone looking at our pictures and videos, and playing in her sister's room.

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gammie said...

She is priceless!! I can't believe her personality! I also can't believe that she's 2 already!