Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Levi's preschool graduation

The time has come...Levi is graduating preschool and is gonna start Kindergarten in the fall [gasp!]
 He put his robe and hat on and came down the stairs with us at the bottom cheering and then I decorated a little and had a special dinner just for him. I made him a candy lei. I think that was his favorite!

 The next day Jeff and I went to his graduation. I love how this picture below turned out.
 Levi also had great year. His writing more clear. He loves math. His teacher was amazed that he can count to 1000 and can recognize numbers up to 1000 as well.
 Love this little guy like cRazY!!
 Levi's teacher, Ms. Mallory. She was so perfect for Levi and great with all the kids. Levi always received bonus points for following directions, staying on task, and having good behavior. That's my BOY!
 So proud of LEVI. After we treated him to some ice cream...just the 3 of us.

 Performing his musical numbers. They sang and signed the song....You Raise Me Up.

He can't wait to go to Kindergarten! Full day will be an adjustment and I will have to adjust not having him with me. I love hanging out with him and he is a big help to me too.

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gammie said...

What cute,cute pictures!! Levi looks so proud of himself! I love his face and the picture tossing the cap!!!!!!