Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More march madness

 Mom came to visit us. As soon as her plane landed we took her and the family to this man's NEW home in Gilbert. His name is Cory. He was deployed 10 times and was hit with a roadside bomb that hit him leaving him in a wheelchair. For our 1 year anniversary with BB we donated proceeds to welcoming home deployed military men and women from Gilbert. They invited us to an open house of Cory. It was great to hear his story of bravery, selflessness, strength, and will power. He has a awesome house for his needs and we were privileged to meet him. An hour after we left, President Obama visited his home as well. Months earlier Cory was recognized at the State of the Union.
 We emptied our pool and the kids played in it until I took this picture and saw Levi climbing up the rock wall. That would have been broken bones had he fallen!! YIKES! After this they were banned from playing in the pool. Our kids are climbers!!

 While Gammie was here we took a trip to the pottery store and all of us painted something here.
 Unfortunately we only had Gammie for a few days before she had to visit her sister, Aunt Cissi.

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gammie said...

I still feel cheated about that trip being cut short. I loved what we did. I still have my ceramic cupcake!