Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Women's Conference

I've kinda been taking a lot of trips this year! This one was also planned for a long time. We decided to have a BYU roommate reunion for the first time. We all met up at BYU and went to Women's Conference. I had never been before. It was great!
 We stayed at Kassie's in-laws home by Mt.Timp HS. Alison picked me up from the airport and we were so excited and just chatting the whole time that we drove to Spanish Fork before realizing we passed our exit like 15 miles earlier.
 The last night we met with Charlotte and Melissa and ate dinner and hung out with them for a bit. We mostly talked and caught up when we weren't in classes. It was fun to be on campus, to be together, to go to our old apartment, and to reminisce. For example, alison remembering that I worked at Brick Oven for a short time but quit because they wanted me to wear more makeup! haha. Totally forgot about that. We all remembered stuff that each other forgot about.
 Oh yeah and the talks were good too:) I came home and was inspired to fast every Sunday in the month of May. That was great and when the month was over I felt that I was closer to the spirit and it was a good thing I did because 2 friends really needed me and I felt that I was spiritually grounded and could be a good friend.

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gammie said...

Yay! Great friends, great memories, great fun!! I love that you went back to your apartment. I wonder if the new girls hope that they'll do that one day.