Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Months

Another month has flown by. Macie has 2 more teeth. They came in January 3rd and 5th. There her top ones, but not the top ones in the middle, the ones next to the middle ones. So really we dubbed her our vampire baby. I'll have to take a picture.
 She's finally sleeping through the night again this past week. The week of Thanksgiving she had started waking up in the night from various sicknesses, then going to Utah and California, then teething, and more illnesses. Now that we're home and there is some routine and she's healthy again, she is sleeping through the night and I am definitely happy about that.
 She started standing this month without support. She took one step on January 25th. She likes her daily walks in the stroller, eating more people food. She likes avocados and fruit most, I think. She said her first word besides "mama and dada." On January 19th, I was talking to a neighbor and when I was done, I said bye and then Macie is "buh-buh." It was so cool!

She looks so big in her carseat. Her hair is starting to grow. The top looks completely straight, and the back of her hair looks wavy. She's a happy girl who likes to get around, explore, play and loves me. She doesn't like when I drop her off at the gym or when others try to hold her. She's comfortable with only Jeff and I. I hope she gets over this separation anxiety thing soon. She's growing so fast and we're enjoying everyday with her!

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gammie said...

She is so big and SOO cute! She's got 3 weeks to get over separation anxiety! Thank goodness Jeff will be home!