Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Day

The kids woke up to this after running through the Christmas paper. The girls were getting very impatient because Levi slept in until 8:30 before I finally just woke him up.
 Santa gave the kids a trampoline. Funny thing is….he put the net on upside down so the kids had to crawl through a space until Jeff fixed it. To no surprise to us Sydney landed a back flip on her second try. The kids jump on the trampoline everyday.

Levi opening up a batman toy from Jeff and I.
 Jordyn opening a karaoke machine from us.
 Sydney with an awesome reaction to her new nook. She's already read 3 books in one week. She loves it! The girls also got Heely's from my parents. I think that's Sydney favorite gift. She loves them! Jordyn is taking baby steps learning to use them.
 This cuties on Christmas morning.
 In the afternoon after we watched our family video Jeff, Sydney, Jordyn and 2 of our neighbors jumped into our pool, our 1st *polar plunge. There will always be an aestrick next to it since it's not truly a polar plunge. There has to be snow and freezing outside temperatures to be a legit polar plunge.

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Kirsten said...

I wonder if Santa got the memo about that trampoline net being upside down! haha!