Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A group shot of most of grandma marianne's great grandchildren. Grandma gives presents in sections: greats, then grandchildren boys then girls, and then her own children. Then she opens presents everyone gives her and grandpa Gordon.

 Macie and I enjoying the party
 The great grandkids had a book exchange. Sydney was excited she got $10 dollars to buy books from her new nook. That was from the Rueckert cousins. Jordyn got Pete the Cat and CD from Matt Shaw.

 A rare shot of just Jeff and I. So happy to be married to my "bestie." I put it in quotes cuz that word is kinda getting on my nerves, but Jeff really is my best friend.
 This time last year the 3 of us were pregnant. What a difference a year makes.
 Jordyn with Aunt Katherine and her cousin Jake, below.

 Shannon and I with Grandma and me with Jase, below.

 Getting ready to countdown to the New Year. By this point, Macie, Levi, and Sydney had fallen asleep upstairs. 
 Running around outside banging pots and pans and blowing noise makers to celebrate the New Year.
We had a great time. We even got to see a movie, just adults, hang out with Grandma Karen and Paul, and have lots of hanging out time with the cousins. 

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