Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bahama Buck's

It's probably about time I write about Bahama Buck's in my blog since it IS happening. Clear back when Macie was just a few days old, Jeff and I would walk around the block with Macie in a baby carrier so she could calm down and be close to me and enjoy the outside. During these walks we came up with the wild idea to own a franchise. I came up with the idea of Bahama Buck's. We researched a few and finally decided on Bahama Buck's. About a year later, this March, our idea will be a reality and will be up and running. We purchased the building and franchise. The paperwork was a headache (I'm speaking for Jeff here. He did all the realtors, bank, underwriters, loan people, architects, contractors, and more). It was questionable wether we would actually get the loan, but we did. Construction started a few weeks ago. In case you don't know, because Bahama Buck's is mostly in Texas, it is a shaved ice dessert place, although we also sell smoothies, specialty sodas, sno-basts, lemonades, frostalattes, and snowballs. Our building is off Warner and Cooper in Gilbert. It is a free standing building with a drive-thru. It use to be a KFC. We are grateful for the opportunity and feel we've been led to this point. We're excited, hopeful, nervous all at the same time. We're learning a lot and know we will learn much more over the next year. Right now we're starting with the hiring process. I'm taking a food-handlers manager online course and this week I will learn a lot about quick books since I will be doing all the finances stuff along with other duties too. It should be a fun and interesting journey with lots of stories that come out of it. We hope our kids will be working here when they are teenagers. Here are some pictures of our building and the progress. Now that THIS IS HAPPENING, I'll post more pictures as things progress even more.
Before Pictures 

 Before: inside building, taken from the side door where you walk in.
 Picture below is from side door looking at dining area.
 The picture below is taken inside the counter looking back towards the kitchen.
 In just 2 days the construction crew demolished everything: tiles, vents, counters, tables, etc. Picture below is behind the counter looking towards kitchen.
 Picture below is view from side door looking at what once was the dining area.
 Bahama Buck's sent us these window decals to stick on. Jeff had 4 boys from church to help us stick them on. Getting the word out there and people excited for the anticipation for the new location.

On one of the doors we have a paper to direct people to an electronic application.
 New cement was put in for what is going to be our outside patio.
 Sydney wrote "SHAW 2014" in where we're going to put a pre order board in for the drive thru.
 Now the framing is done. This view is from the front door. We plan on being able to sit 60 people inside and another 25-30 outside on the patio.


gammie said...

Oh Boy!!! Maybe now you'll post or at least email me weekly progress photos. it is happening fast! Jeff was supposed to send me new photos and why didn't I know you were taking an online class? anyway CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Carrie said...

This is so exciting I hope one day I can come!!!!