Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We drove to California for NYE. We stayed at Great Grandma's Marianne's house. The first day we spent in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach visiting Uncle Ryan, Aunt Allisen, Uncle Danny, and Grandpa Levin. We went to the beach and met our friends, the Arnold's before heading back to grandma's house for the night.
 Being with Uncle Grant for the first time.

 I love Jordyn's face of pure joy.
 Racing the wave
 We loved watching the sunset
 So happy to be in the water playing even if the water is freezing!
 no better place than eskimo kisses at the beach
 A great black and white picture of my brother's grave marker. The kids talk about Uncle Grant pretty frequently and even tell friends and family about their dead uncle:/
 Spending time with Uncle Ryan and what will be Aunt Allisen in a month in a half! They spoil you kids. We ate lunch with them, Uncle Danny, and Grandpa Levin before the beach.

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