Wednesday, January 22, 2014

new school

After much thought and prayer, Jeff and I decided to put the girls in a new school, the public school they're suppose to go to. We picked their current school (a charter one) very short notice and in a hurry because we didn't realize schools start much earlier in Arizona than Alaska. We knew it may not be easy on the girls but we thought it would be best for them in the long run. One of the major reasons to switch is so the kids will have a group of friends when they start the public Jr. High and HS. Other perks is the school has a library, comp. lab, friends from our church, bus transportation, and the school is awesome. We also felt like there are opportunities to facilitate the girls to becoming more well-rounded people.  I feel like the school is a home away from home. It's warm and cozy inside. It may sound like silly reasons but we felt strongly this was going to be good for our girls. As expected Jordyn didn't want anything to do with it. Sydney was happy with it. She looked forward to seeing her friends at church more and riding the bus and being the new girl. On the last day of their old school, both girls came home crying not wanting to change schools. Jordyn went on crying for a solid 30 minutes. For 3o minutes I questioned our decision. Back to Jordyn, after crying, sometimes screaming, she came to me and said, "Chocolate will make me feel better." It was the greatest idea I heard all day so I delightfully gave her some chocolate. The kids started after the Christmas break. Jordyn came home and said, "I love my teacher." She has since excitedly looked forward to school everyday since. The kids have assimilated better than I could have imagined at Quartz Hill. We're so grateful and look forward to many wonderful years at Quartz Hill.

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gammie said...

It is a neat school! I'm glad the girls are so happy there!!