Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gilbert Temple

On Monday we went on a tour of the new Gilbert Temple. Jeff remembered in Alaska, before we new we were going to move to AZ, that I had shown him a picture of this temple when they put up Angel Moroni and he thought to himself how lucky people were to live in a warm climate and be so close to a temple. He said he was kinda jealous. Funny. I didn't know or didn't remember that. We ARE very blessed to now be living 5 minutes from a temple. That's been a dream of mine. It's here and we're all super excited.  It's fun to be "part of it." Jeff is in the youth and is participating in the temple youth celebration. The kids were excited to finally go inside the temple. We've been driving by it consistently for over a year. We had to reserve tickets for the open house. They expect 500,000 will walk through the tour. It goes without saying that the temple is EXQUISITE, stunning, awe-inspiring, beautiful, and magnificent to name a few. After I asked the girls their favorite thing they saw. Sydney mentioned the "crystals" aka chandelier in the celestial room, Levi mentioned the tiles in the baptismal font (those are really cool), and Jordyn agreed with Sydney. I liked the paintings as well, the stained glass, the temple grounds, and the ceiling moldings. We can't take pictures inside so here are some I took outside the temple.

 We'll go again with the kids and hopefully with some friends we've invited. Seeing these pictures with blue skies and warm weather actually makes me feel guilty for the people experiencing the crazy, freezing weather in half the country.

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gammie said...

I really wish we were closer and our trips to AZ didn't come so close together yet exclude the temple open house. I love all the temples and the peace I find there!