Sunday, January 5, 2014

9 months

Macie is now 9 months. She over came her first illness. It was nice to have her sleep again at night, have an appetite again, not have a runny nose. The positive about her being sick and being on Omnicef is that it gave her diarrhea and she began pooping regularly. Yes, another child that avoids pooping. 
 This is a happy girl though. This month she crawls even more and even crawls up ALL of our steps. Not down of course; just up. She started furniture walking as well. She is like our rumba (floor vacuum) crawling around everywhere and putting everything into her mouth. I'm usually right behind her swiping my finger in her mouth to get the little paper or crumb out of her mouth.
 She says mama and dada. Occasionally she'll say mama and dada and actually calling us that, not just babbling those syllables. She also says "all done." She repeats it and it sounds like "ahhh duhh." She's a very curious, vocal, happy, playful, loving, sweet lump of love.
 She's growing up so much.

She makes some pretty good faces. She's in her shirt here that says, "first Christmas."

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Kirsten said...

She is getting so big!!! I bet her saying mama just melts your heart! especially when it's not just babbling.